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Saturday, July 2, 2016

3D printed modular dungeon (part 2)

I just finished a couple of new tiles for my dungeon, last time I used as reference on of the rooms for Dungeon Saga but this time I'm focusing on a more generic design. 

The new walls will make possible to create a cubic room that will allow even more flexibility than before, this idea came out while I was playing Zombicide Black Plague and I thought: wouldn't be cool to make a 3D board for this?

This first wall will allow to make either a solid wall or can be used to make two half collapsed walls that will be very handy to make some scatter terrain on the field. This was designed again to be assembled without glue. 

This other one has still the same size but it has a doorway, and the design also includes a door that can be either glued or left unattached. The doorway has the same size of the ones in this wall I designed before.

And finally this is the new floor (10 cm x 10 cm) that can be used to build the cubic room, as usual I put some holes on the top and on the side to be able to magnetise everything.

And finally I tried to put all the pieces together to see how a 3D board for Zombicide would look like, this is the 3D version of the one in the very first scenario.

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