Thursday, December 22, 2016

BRIKS 001 Modular building for wargame is on sale!

The first bundle with the 3D printable .stl files that I designed is available here!

At this other link you can find a list of the various components included.

Here you can find a sample of what you can create using the tiles:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Space Corridor v2: The space colony grows [part 3]

Quick update on the status of the space station project, 
the construction continues and a third building is now ready!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Space Corridor v2: Building the space station [part 3]

In the last weeks I've been working some some additional pieces that will allow to use what I designed fro the "space corridor" to be used also for wargames like Warpath, Gates of Antares and of course Deadzone.

The other day I had some spare time and I printed the first batch of extra components, you can find some picture below.
To give you an idea about the size the squares printed on the paper sheet underneath are 3x3 inches.

Pretty much everything (beside the stairs) can be assembled without glue and those vertical connectors you can see on the sides have some holes that will fit some magnets in order to keep the various sections together.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Space Corridor v2 [part 2]

In the last weeks I've been redesigning almost completely the space corridor, I was quite happy with my previous design (which dates back to the Summer of 2011) but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

This new iteration is very close to match my high level goals for the project:

  • The tiles are based on a 3x3 inch grid, which would make possible to use them with Deadzone.
  • This pieces can be used either as space corridor OR as proper terrain for sci-fi wargame.
  • It can be assembled almost completely without glue.
  • there is enough room to fit bigger models.
This is the first room I made, basically a T-Junction (space marine is for scale)

And this is a small access point (from the outside and from the inside)

At the moment I'm printing the components for a second room and I'm designing some extra details like the doors (between each section) and some scatter terrain like barrels and crates.

Monday, September 12, 2016

3D printed modular building [part 1]

The 3rd project we are working on (besides the dungeon and the space corridor) is the modular building!

The design principles are very similar to the what we did for the dungeon:

  • Based on 10x10cm tiles.
  • Everything can be interlocked without glue.
  • Some sort of generic style that could fit a fantasy wargame but also something modern. (I'm looking forward to use this stuff for Frostgrave but also TwD)
  • And also for this one the layout will be loosely based on the tiles of Zombicide Black plague (I'm starting with the stuff for the mission 1).
This is what I got so far, I'm looking forward to add some additional details very soon like internal stairs, a couple of alternative styles for door and windows, internal walls...

Monday, September 5, 2016

The return of the space corridor [part 1]

Many years ago I did a first prototype of the 3D space corridor (the original goal was to do some sort of Space Hulk in 3D) the plan was to have a "master" 3D print done by one of those online printing services and then use to to cast a bunch of copies.

The casting was kinda messy and the quality of the copies was not up to my standards, so I ended up leaving the project on the side.... until now!

You can see below some tiles based on the original files plus a couple of tweaks (I added some slots for the magnets), this time I'm going to 3D print everything on my own which is way simpler.

Each "building block" is based on a 5x5 cm square, I'm considering scaling them to fit a 3 inc cube in order to use them for Deadzone, I'd like also to make some alternative versions with some exposed pipes and/or other machinery bits...

Monday, August 22, 2016

3D Printed Dungeon (part 4): Breaking the rules

Back when I started the design of the tiles I gave myself a couple of design principles in order to make something that looked consistent and that could be used in a modular way.

One of those principles was: "leave the external walls flat so you can stack easily different rooms together". Unfortunately for the new section I had to break this principle in order to make something that looks more interesting.

I probably said before that I'm using as guideline the tiles of Zombicide Black Plague, the idea will be to be able to play the different scenarios using a 3D dungeon (that I will use also for Massive Drakness and other games like Frostgrave) and for the moment I started working on the tiles of the scenario 0.

If you are familiar with that scenario there is a room marked 4V that has 4 cubic rooms on the sides and nothing in the middle, that would have looked very uninteresting if I was going to be true to the principle above!

So in order to spice things up I made a couple of new walls that have a broken column on the external side of the room.

Once they are put together facing each other they will provide some interesting pattern that is far better then a perfectly symmetric 4 way passage.

And this is everything else I have printed so far:

I'm planning to finish these two sections by the end of the month, then I will move to either the urban or the sci-fy project...
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