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Saturday, May 13, 2017

On Sale: 3D printed stairs and handrails for Deadzone scenery

Since s couple of people asked about this (and since I need to find away to fund my bigger projects) I'm putting on sale a couple of custom components I made for Deadzone.

Some general info:
  • they are 3D printed in PLA.
  • they might have some imperfections here and there, such imperfections can be removed with something sharp like a scalpel, cutter etc.. 
  • PLA does not like high temperatures, so you might not want to leave this in your car under the sun!
  • I'm offering free shipping within the UK for every order containing at least two sets, for other countries just send me an e-mail.
  • For additional info feel free to send me an email at mentemeccanica@gmail.com.
  • I print this stuff in my free time, once you make an order I will put your things into the queue and once they are ready I'll contact you again to arrange the payment via paypal and the shipping details.

Set #S1: Stairs System
  • This is designed to be used in this exact configuration.
  • 5 components: the exterior side, the interior one, the vertical bit in the middle and two handrails that can be clipped on the side of the tile. 
  • Designed to allow to stack two or more floor on the top of each other.
  • £4 per set.

Set #H1: Handrails

  • Designed to be clipped into the Deadzone terrain without glue, they come with an embedded round peg that fits the hole in the Deadzone terrain.
  • Set contains 8x intact handrails and 2x handrails broken in the middle.
  • £4 per set.

Set #S1 + #H1: Files only
  • The .stl files so that you can print the components on your own.
  • The designs have no embedded supports.
  • My printer takes about 20 min to print the smaller ones and about 2 hrs for the larger one.
  • Just to be clear: You are not allowed to distribute or sell the files, your are not allowed to sell the components made using the files.
  • £5 for all the files.
Some examples of what I made using the components above:

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