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Friday, June 10, 2016

3D printed modular dungeon project

After many years I'm giving another go at the 3D printed terrains, this time I'm trying to expand my modular dungeon for Dungeon Saga adding some extra rooms.

In the past I wasn't really satisfied with the cost of the 3D printing services but now they seems to be more reasonable, I can get the room below printed for about £30. (Which is not an extremely low price but it's okay)

I designed to walls in order to interlock into each other, the two sides are not perfectly symmetric because I add to add some "padding" in the internal side (otherwise the wouldn't fit into each other)

I added also some round holes on the edge of the base, this would allow me to glue some magnets in order to attach temporarily different rooms together.

At the moment I'm starting by having those three parts printed (two walls and the floor), If I'm happy with the results I might consider adding more wall types in order to build a complete dungeon for dungeon saga. 

And maybe add also some ruined elements that would work very well for Frostgrave...

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