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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mantic Open Day May 2016 Summary

I'm on my way back to today's Mantic open day and I'm going to write down some notes before I forget what I want to talk about (you know, it happens at my age...)

You can find all the pictures I took at this link.

The upcoming projects:

  • During the panels Ronnie gave some hints about the next big projects: they will all be produced via a Kickstarter even though Ronnie said it would like at some point to move away from the KS platform and do "normal" releases... but for the big things that require a lot of tooling this is still the way forward. (the ideal ration would be 20% ks, 80 % regular releases)
  • The first new KS coming this year (probably once they shipped of the ones for TWD and Warpath I guess) will be about a Dreadball reboot (let's call it Dreadball 2), it will be similar to what they did with Deadzone tidying up the rules and balancing the different teams.
  • Then there will be another KS about a new version of Project Pandora, the general idea is that they will do what they did for Dungeon Saga. This will be designed as an entry point for the hobby (so I would expect pre-assembled mini and simple rules).
  • And finally sometimes next year (or around 2017 anyway) they are planning to do a Kickstarter about a skirmish version on KoW. It will allow also to produce some new mini for the existing armies of the KoW universe. Very high level idea at the moment though.
Other upcoming releases:
  • The Empire of Dust minis (one of the armies in the expansion uncharted empires, basically egyptian themed undead)  are coming very soon in July 2016. They will be sold as a metal upgrade kit to the existing undead range. (you can see the concept art in the gallery).
  • KoW Historical it's coming at the end of the summer 2016, the core KoW rules stripped out of the magical/fantasy stuff + some extra rules for new abilities. This is not meant to be an historically accurate game but a hollywood-historical kind of thing. The lists will use the KoW Kindom of Men as base and each list will tell you what can you pick from this main list and what else you got. The armies will range from ancient roman era up to late middle age. There will also be a section about mythical creatures that can be used optionally.
  • They are going to release some sort of catalogue (think about the old GW annual) with the range of their product and also some exclusive content not available anywhere else like short stories, scenarios etc.
Other stuff:
  • Ronnie said that people usually likes more sci-fi than fantasy (in my mind this means that they sell more sci-fi products), this would explain why they are leaving KoW a little bit behind.
  • There are no new minis for KoW planned at the moment, besides the conversion kit for the Empire of dust above. Not even the Twilight Kin. But Ronnie said that when they will do the TK they will give them a distinctive look and they will not just be "vanilla" dark elves.
  • They are thinking about doing some sort of global summer campaign for their products but nothing is defined at the moment. Not even the one for KoW that was covered by the Kickstarter.
  • They are not planning any fantasy terrain.
  • They are not planning to do any historical mini as part of the KoW Historical thing, they are already lots of great options available.
  • They are looking into smaller scale miniatures (like 10-15mm) for warpath will be easier since they have already the models digital sculpted and all they have to do is resize them. But again, they are just doing some tests and there is nothing defined at the moment.
  • The new plastic frames for asterians and plague looks great, there are some images of them in the gallery above.
  • Also the minis for the TWD game looks pretty good, the scale looks slightly bigger than the normal 28mm minis but the details and the quality of the casting is really good for something that comes pre assembled.
guest post by @FistyGlueMan

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