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Thursday, June 23, 2016

3D printed modular dungeon project (components arrived!)

Yesterday I received the 3D printed components and I'm quite happy about it!

The details looks pretty sharp and the only issue I found was that one of the edges is a little too thick and it doesn't interlock easily with the other wall. But I've been able to solve the issue filing off some of the surface.

In the next months me and the rest of the gang will be working on some additional components, the idea is to design some different walls (something completely closed, something half collapsed ...) in order to be able to customise the dungeon. 

I'm also looking forward to make the models more cost effective, I can probably squeeze in some extra components without affecting the cost of the 3D print.

At the moment I uploaded the models to i.materialize
Each component costs about £10-£12 which is not ideal if you want make a very large dungeon so I'm looking forward to optimise the models in order to make them cheaper.

Anwyay, these are the first pictures that we took yesterday as soon as the package arrived

These are the various components of the room:

  • 2 x walls with the large doorway. 
  • 2 x walls with 2 small doorways.
  • The floor. The pattern on the floor is designed to show some squares that could be useful for games like Dungeon Saga or RPGs. Each square is 25mm x 25mm.

And this is the room put together. (next to a GW skeleton that was passing by)

The walls and the base can be attached gluing them together (boring!) or using some magnets, I put some slots around the various components that should be able to fit some 2mm magnets.

On the base there are four slots, one on each corner.

And also on the sides there are plenty of slots to allow the connection between the bases of different rooms.

At the bottom of each section of the walls there are some slots too and their position matches the ones on the base.

And this is the final result.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. For those of us with a 3d printer at home, is there a way to buy or download the 3d models themselves? Because it doesn't look like i.materialize has that option.

Iron Saint said...

the .stl models are not available at the moment, keep checking the blog since I might but them on sale at some point in the future

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