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Monday, September 30, 2013

Mantic's Gargoyles/Harpies unboxing/review

It's time to talk about one of the most interesting kit done by Mantic in the kickstarter, the Gargoyles/Harpies Kit. (For general info about packaging and material just check my previous reviews)
  • the same kit is used for both the Abyssal Dwarfs Gargoyles and The Twilight King Harpies, the only thing you can customize are the heads (there are several heads with horns for the gargoyles and several heads with long hair for the harpies)
  • the miniatures are provided with a 25mm square base, this can be annoying if you want to use them playing warhammer
  • due to the pose of the miniatures is quite difficult to properly arrange them in a unit, so try to arrange them before glue the minis to their base
there are two kind of body and the kit contains 2X of one type and 3X of the other
four different head styles, they should be useful to differenciate between harpies and gargoyles
two different legs styles, both are attached to a column
two different wings styles, as you can see the tail is attached to the wings
the assembled miniatures, as you can see it can be difficult to arrange them in ranks

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