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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mantic's Orcs Chariot unboxing/Review

Time to take a look at the orc chariot!, for materials and package considerations just check the previous reviews. Here some details specific to this model:
  • The kit I have allows to build either a Orc Gore chariot or a Fight Wagon
  • There is also an Orc Ax Sprue in the package, It is used for the chariot's crew and it's the same available in the Orc's troops kit
  • The base of the chariot was warped badly, I had to use the hot/cold method to reshape it
  • This chariot is also used as a base for the Ogre chariot... well the Ogre chariot is actually a convertion of this one
  • Most of this chariot components are also used as base for the goblin Mincer
  • The kit has also a chariot base, it's green and flat like other bases in recent Mantic's products so it's a little  different from GW bases
The frame allows you to build either a chariot or a fight wagon, pieces in red are specific to the fight wagon and won't be used for a chariot.
Two slightly different boars are used to pull the chariot or push it if it's assembled as fight wagon.
There are also some extra arms, an axe used as decoration for the chariot and a hand holding the chains. 
This hand need to be trimmed if you want to build and Ogre Chariot. 

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