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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mantic's Obsidian Golems unboxing/review

Time to talk about the Obsidian Golems! For general considerations about the packaging and the material you can check my previous reviews, below you can find some details about the golems

The kit will allow to build 3 golems, this is the first type of torso and arms and the kit contains 2 torsos like this one.

The arms can be placed just in a given position and this can limit the pose of the model.
Second torso with the relative arms, this one has olso two shoulder pads separated from it. There is a slot on the top that allows to easily glue them on the correct position.
First pelvis and legs, the kit has 2 of this kind of design.
The other lower body and related legs. Like for the torsos you cannot swap the legs between the two pelvis, and you can't alter the position of them.
There are three different heads
These are the torsos and the lower bodies assembled, as you can see there are 2 designs of each that make 4 possible combinations.

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