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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mantic's Brock Riders unboxing/review

The brock riders are a completely new unit in the Kings of war universe, they are the only kind of cavalry available to dwarves and they are a completely new concept if you came from the warhammer background.
For general considerations about the material check the Ogre unboxing here, below you can find more details specific to the brock riders

  • I'm reviewing the content of the box sent to the kickstarter backers, I'm not sure if the contents of the final package sold by retailers will change.
  • There is no command sprue elements in this kit, I'm not sure if Mantic will ever release a metal add on with the command group bits (like they did for Ogres and Fleabag Riders)
  • The brock riders are not yet available from the mantic store so if you want them you have to wait for the general release
  • They come with a 25 x 50 mm base, for reference check the base image on the Ogre unboxing

There are 2 types of brock body and there are 5 pieces of each type in the kit.
The body comes in two parts and there are some extra plates that need to be glued to the main body.
This is the second body type, also for this one some plates needs to be glued on the main body. The two body halves sometimes does not fit perfectly so you might want to use a little bit of modelling putty to close the gaps
There are 3 types of heads and there are 4 of each of them in the kit, it means 12 heads available for 10 models, so you will have some left overs.

Unfortunately there is just one body type, in the picture tou can see it from the front and the back.
On the top you can see some ornaments for the front of the saddle, 2 types and 5 of each.

Below the capes withe the wolf (?) head that need to be glued on the topo, also for them you have 5 of each types.
Two weapons available, again also for this one 5 of each.
And if you were already thinking about this... This is a test I did using the brock riders plus an Avatars of War Berserker. It does looks cool!

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Neal said...

I'm just putting these bad boys together and find this rather useful. Many thanks for taking the time to post this :-)

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