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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mantic's Immortal Guard unboxing/review

The new Abyssal Dwarfs Immortal Guard troop is a remake of the plastic/hybrid kit that mantic did some time ago. What I'm reviewing below is the free miniatures received from the kickstarter, for general considerations about materials and package check my previous reviews.
  • way easier to assemble compared the old hybrid kit
  • there isn't much variety, the only thing that change between one sollier and the others are the heads
  • much more easy to put them in rank, with the hybrid kit it was very difficult
  • the heads are the only thing not sculpted from scratch (they are the same of the hybrid kit, just the material changes)
  • I'm not a huge fan of the torsos, I don't like how the armed weapon and the shield are connected to the body... I think that it might be almost impossible to convert the miniatures (swapping weapons with something else would be a mess)
  • I'm not sure when they will be available for purchase at mantic's store
Upper and lower bodies, the ones I got were all the same. Completely new sculpt from existing hybrid kit
Lots of heads! Not sure if this heads/models ratio is intentional or it's a packing problem.
Also not sure if weapons and shields are supposed to be all the same
Finished models, much more easier to put in ranks

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