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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mantic's Werewolves unboxing/review

Time to take a look at brand new Mantic's Werewolves, for general considerations you can check the Ogre's review, continue reading below for some extra info. 
(I got mine from the kicstarter but Mantic sells them as 3 models units or bundled with different army deals.)


The kit contains 
3 bodies (2 identical, one different)
3 right arms (2 identical, one different)
3 left arms (2 identical, one different)
3 tails (2 identical, one different)
4 heads all different

You can give some variety to your troops mixing and matching the components, unfortunately the options are not that different from each other so if you are using lots of werewolves in you army they might just allo look as clones...

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