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Monday, July 15, 2013

Mantic's Ogres unboxing/review

I just got my Kickstarter shipment from Mantic's games and i'm getting ready to build some Ogres, before doing that I shot some pictures in order to give an idea about the content of the Ogre kits.

Let's start with some general info:
  • The Ogres (and other brand new minis from Mantic) are casted in hard injected platic that looks a lot like Privateer press plastic.
  • No sprue here, just some pieces already cut and sold in a plastic bag (I've no idea about what the retailer package will look like), my guess is that the factory the cast them does also the packing. There were a couple of missing parts (I got two Ogre shooter units and in both of them there was one less crossbow and one more shotgun...Mantic already confirmed that they will send me the missing parts) but I think's that normal since they started mass producing this stuff recently so they need a little tweaking in the quality process
  • The cast is not bad, there are few mold lines and they are easy to clean. I found some miscast that I was able to fix with boiling water but nothing that demanded a replacement.
Here are some pictures:

Scale vs Gw Ogre Base details
Ogre Hero 

This is a subset of the components of the close combat Ogres, the only new thing is the left arm. (In the picture you can see the miscasted leg.)

Ogre troops 

This kit allows to build three Ogres with shield and one handed weapon or three Ogres with two handed weapon. There are three different bodies, 5 different heads, three arms with shields (identical), 2 arms with one handed blade (identical), 1 arm with one handed axe, 2 arms with two handed blades (identical) and 1 arm with two handed axe

Ogre Shooter

This kit allows to build three Ogres with crossbow or three Ogres with bluderbuss. The bodies and the heads are the same of the close combat unit above, then there are three arms with crossbow (identical, in the picture there are just two crossbow since one was missing from the bag) and three arms with bluderbuss (identical). 

Updates: a couple of extra pictures

An assembled Mantic Ogre compared to a GW one
The 40mmx40mm bases sprue provided with the kit, they are not as tall as the GW ones

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