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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mantic Games Veer-Myn unboxing/review

Other two pretty cool kits came out from the last Deadzone Kickstarter: the Veer-myn!
These guys probably came out as a spin-off of the WH Skaven but after a couple of years they are getting their own identity and these plastic frames look great!

  • The kits are designed to be used in both Deadzone and the upcoming Warpath.
  • There are lots of different bits which allow to make pretty much all the units in the new edition of Deadzone (excluding maybe a couple of things)
  • They are way more dynamic of the old "restic" veer-myn that were produced right at the beginning.
  • Great quality, very few casting defects or moulding lines. It seems that the quality of Mantic's products is finally taking off!
This kit allows to build 5 veer-myn equipped as base troops or specialists:

And this other kit allows to make two nightmares (aka the big rat dudes), the legs for some reason (space?) are not on the sprue:

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