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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mantic Games Steel Warriors: unboxing/review

The Steel Warriors are one of the new kits that Mantic Games produced with the Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter, below you can find a couple of personal comments about them:

  • This is probably the best kit they produced so far, crisp details, very clean casting (there were just some minor issues with the shoulder pads) and they finally moved away from the goofy style of the earlier Forgefathers (do you remember the loincloth?).
  • I had some minor issues during the assembly, like the two halves of the torso that don't fit perfectly... but this minor defect is invisible in the assembled models since the gaps are covered by the arms.
  • I found them a bit difficult to assemble, there are some very tiny bits and some pieces don't match perfectly.
  • They are designed to be playable in both Deadzone and Warpath, this kit contains enough pieces to build 5 troopers with rifles (they should be the "standard" Steel Warriors) or give everybody an heavy weapon (I guess in order to make the Stormrage veterans).
The first part of the kit is the frame that you can see below, it contains (from top to bottom): the shoulder pads, some different heads, the two halves of the torsos, the rifles, the arms and at the very bottom some extra bits.

And the second part are these bits in a plastic bag: a couple of torsos (for the leader), six pack packs (for the heavy weapons), five heavy weapons, an alternative rifle pointing forward an five pair of legs.

And someone (I guess from Mantic) posted on facebook an assembly guide:

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