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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mantic Games Enforcer Jetbike: unboxing/review

One of the most teased kit of the last Kickstarter was the enforcer jetbike, and here it is!
(I personally can't see why it would make sense to have a jetbike in a skirmish game but the model looks pretty good so I'm not complaining much!)

  • I'm not sure how the package will change in the retail version but the one I got came in a plastic bag with all the pieces already pre-cut.
  • The kit contains the components for two jetbikes, the biggest problem (for me) is that there are no optional bits... you are supposed to build two identical models... (excluding the two weapon options provided)
  • ... But one could easily swap some pieces from the enforcers sprue and add some minor changes here and there.
  • The kit contains also a couple of transparent pegs of different heights (shown below).

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