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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mantic Games Pathfinders unboxing/review

For some reason the human armies always get more attention that the other factions, maybe they are more popular? Anyway here we go with another kit for deadzone/warpath: the Pathfinders.

  • If you remember we saw the first pathfinder years ago (do you remember the dude on the monocylce bike?) now this sub-faction (which technically is another branch of the Corporation) has been expanded with more troops.
  • Another great kit, my only concern is the design the of hips/lower torsos... the seem too long for me. But once assembled they don't look bad at all.
  • The kit allows to make five pathfinders and one d.o.g. (which looks like a mix of Voltron and the robot form Boston dynamics).
  • One of the trooper can be assembled as a leader and there are a couple of arms with different weapons.
Here you go:

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