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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mantic games announces The Walking Dead miniature game! (additional info)

It turns out that the mysterious game that Mantic was working on it's indeed based on The Walking Dead franchise!

In this interview with beasts of war Ronnie revealed some additional details:

  • The game is coming out at the end of 2016 (I guess in time for Christmas) but there will be a Kickstarter soon on February 2016.
  • The KS will have simpler pledge structure (unique pledge of about $100 limited or no add-ons at all)
  • Mantic is doing about 120 sculptures for the game! I guess they will be models with unique poses (like the ones in Zombicide) and they will not be pre-painted.
  • The scale of the minis is some sort of heroic 28 mm (they should be a little bigger compared to those they did for Mars Attacks!)
  • There will be a starter set and a number of expansion packs, in each expansion there will be 1 main hero + 1 secondary hero + 1 unique walker + all the cards with stats and equipments.
  • The game will be a skirmish between two faction of survivors, the walkers will move and attack based on some sort of IA (they are drawn by noise).
  • The game will not be grid based (like Deadzone) but you can play on any surface, there will be rulers to handle the various ranges.
  • In the starter set there will be some cardboard terrain but depending on how the KS goes they might be upgraded in plastic.
I can't wait!

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