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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mantic Open Day November 2015

I just came back from the November 2015 Mantic Games open day and I'm writing down some notes before I'll completely forget what happened...

So in case you couldn't attend (and you didn't follow my twitter coverage @fistyglueman) here you can find some details about what happened:

Deadzone Infestation aka Deadzone 2nd edition

  • The biggest surprise from the open day, it turns out that Deadzone Infestation (that was meant to be DZ 1.5) is actually going to be a 2nd edition of the rules.
  • Ronnie is going to post on the mantic blog soon about this.
  • I'm not sure about how much Jake T. is involved in the project, he didn't attend the open day and I haven't ask Ronnie about it.
  • Everything below can still change, they are going to release a beta to the backers soon (in a couple of weeks) so take everything below with a pinch of salt.
  • The final version of the new rules will be sent free (as .pdf) to the backers of the first DZ.
  • Cards are officially gone, stats, missions etc are now in the book. Ronnie said that they felt the cards were not working as they thought, so they scrapped them from the new release.
  • The action cards that were used to give extra actions to the units are now replaced by command dices, D6 with special symbols on each face, each symbol gives you a specific additional action. One of these symbols will give a different bonus depending on the army/commander you are using (similar to a feat in warmachine).
  • Lots of changes but the core of the rule will still be easy to understand for existing DZ players. And hopefully it will be easier to learn for new players.
  • LOS is changed, now there is just the +2 dices if you see the model completely. (Other stuff about different height, cover in the same cube etc. is gone.
  • Blaze Away is gone, a similar rule is available for some weapons though.
  • The size of the board will change from 2 feet x 2 feet to 3x3, this is intended to use better the weapons' range (that now is a little underused)
  • Existing Minis and terrains will still be compatible with the new rules.
  • The intention is to make the rules easier and more streamlined like the ones for KoW.

A new Kickstarter

  • They are thinking about doing a simple KS about fantasy/sci-fi furniture terrains (like proper furniture, crates, obstacles...), this is mostly aimed to RPG players and the idea came up after they did the fantasy furniture for Dungeon Saga. (Which it would seem it's loved by the RPG players)
  • They are not considering at the moment about making fantasy terrains, it's in their TODO list but not in the immediate future. It seems that the sci-fi terrain for DZ didn't sell so well so they are holding back on this.
About Dungeon Saga
  • It sold very well, after the kickstarter and the pre-orders they are now out of stock until Jan 2016.
  • They sent about 9K parcels for DS alone!
  • They will release a "game night kit" to the retailers where players will face waves on enemies and try to survive as long as they can, there will be some sort of ranking system.
Other interesting things
  • They are thinking about a new version of Project Pandora, it will be what Dungeon Saga is related to the old Dwarf King's Hold.
  • The problem with the KoW KS shipments affected about 200 backers, it seems that depending on what the user added in the pledge managers the software "deselected" the basic pledge. And that's why some people received just he add-ons.
  • The team had different ideas about what to use to hold the dungeon saga game contents. Ronnie summarized his views with something like: "my little pony treasure chests are sh#t, book tomes are good"
And finally pictures!

Some 3D print of the new vehicles for warpath

And the new sample sprues for the Salamanders (KoW)

The remaining images are available here

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eriochrome said...

Jake's daughters wedding was this weekend. So that was probably where he was.

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