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Monday, July 28, 2014

Mantic's Deadzone Stunt-Bot

The stunt-bot will be part of second shipment of the Deadzone kickstarter, some stores already have it for sale so if you are looking for more info keep reading!

  • The stunt-bot is made of resin, it's probably the first time that I see a Mantic's model casted in this stuff. The details are better than the plastic used for other models and it seems less heavy.
  • The model is made of fewer components than the Strider, this would make easier to assemble it but can be a problem if you want to customise the model... I don't see many ways of assembling it even because the box doesn't contain any optional components
  • You can choose to glue the hatch either closed or open to show the goblin pilot inside, the pilot itself is a little bit different from other DZ Marauders models
  • In the box there is a round mdf base like the one in the Strider's box 
The main body with the legs, on the right you can see the hatch
The upper part of the arms and the lower part with the weapon attached
And finally a picture of both models together, as you can see the Strider is taller while the Stunt-bot is wider 


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