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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mantic's Deadzone Strider

The second shipment of the Deadzone kickstarter is imminent so you can expect more unboxing reviews in the upcomig months!

In the meantime I was able to put my filthy hands on some models I was waiting for a long time, in the next days I'm showing to you some details about the Corporation/Rebel/Plague Strider and the Marauder Stunt-bot
  • The Strider kit is made of the same material of other DZ miniatures and like the other miniatures comes in a trasparent plastic bag with all the pieces pre-cut (so no sprues here)
  • The model was quite clean, just the small parts (like the pilot's heads and arms) had some casting problems
  • The kit makes possible to build either a corporation or rebel or plague strider, the frame of the model is the same but you can customise it with a different set of weapons, different pilots, different cockpits and some optional bits
  • The kit itself is quite complex, it took my a while to figure out how to put it together. The whole model is made of 15-16 pieces plus some optional bits
The models came in the "classic" plastic box used by other mantic's product. The one for the stunt-bot is bigger.
The main body and the legs, everything is connected with spherical joints so you can change a little bit the pose of the model
Three different cockpits: Rebels, Plague and Corporation
The upper arms and the shoulder pads. All the weapons below are connected to the rest of the models with these upper arms.
The weapon for the Corporation's Strider
The weapons for the Rebel and Plague Strider, some sort of flamethrower and a chainsaw.
The pilots bodies, arms and heads. As you can see the cast is not clean as the rest of the model
Some optional bits
Other optional bits
The round base provided with the model is made of mdf (!). This is the same used for the corporation weapon's team (one of the first releases for Warpath)

And finally a picture of both models together, as you can see the Strider is taller while the Stunt-bot is wider 


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