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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Infinity Operation Ice Storm (2 player box!)

Corvus Belli will release by the end of the summer a two player starter set for Infinity, I guess it's a great chance to try the game if you are curious about it!

These are the contents of the box:
  • 2 balanced factions , the miniatures are in metal and they are completely new sculpts
  • If you preorder the game you will receive a special release with two extra limited edition miniatures (one for each faction in the box)
  • Some carboard terrain and a paper gaming mat
  • Dices (with the faction logo) and cardboard tokens
  • The rulebook of the third edition of the game
Some online retailer are also offering some pretty good deals, Wayland games has a preorder discount!

And if you want more details take a look at the following videos by the folks at Beasts of war

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