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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

countdown is over: Warhammer 8th ed info available

The new Warhammer 8th ed stuff went on advanced order just a few hours ago, no big surprises about price and items available :)
The interesting thing is that the gamer edition isn't much of a big deal, you just get the bag for free.

update: I just got back from the GW store this is something I found out:
  • you can measure everything, no more guessing
  • charge is random, Movement + 2d6 (units that move fast uses 3D6 and take the 2 higher values)
  • charging unit doesn't strike first, they just get a bonus to combat resolution
  • fighting in 2 ranks is confirmed, if the unit has spear they fight in 3 ranks
  • big unit test their morale in cc using their unmodified leadership (!) using the general leadership if it's close to them (!!)
  • casualties in cc are removed from the back (their are pushing players into using big units)
  • magic dices are generated with 2d6, no more miscasts with multiple 1s. Now miscast it's just a side effect of multiple 6s.
  • each mage can use up to 6 dices in order to cast spells, their level is just used as a casting/dispel bonus
  • most armies cannot take more than 1 dispel scroll
  • shields still give +1 to armor but they don't give anymore the +2 if engaged in the front having hand to hand weapons

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