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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Space Corridor v2 [part 2]

In the last weeks I've been redesigning almost completely the space corridor, I was quite happy with my previous design (which dates back to the Summer of 2011) but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

This new iteration is very close to match my high level goals for the project:

  • The tiles are based on a 3x3 inch grid, which would make possible to use them with Deadzone.
  • This pieces can be used either as space corridor OR as proper terrain for sci-fi wargame.
  • It can be assembled almost completely without glue.
  • there is enough room to fit bigger models.
This is the first room I made, basically a T-Junction (space marine is for scale)

And this is a small access point (from the outside and from the inside)

At the moment I'm printing the components for a second room and I'm designing some extra details like the doors (between each section) and some scatter terrain like barrels and crates.

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