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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mars Attacks! the terrain

I finally has some time to glue together the plastic terrain in the Mars Attacks! boxed game and this is the final result
  • The MA terrain is compatible with the one for Deadzone
  • The boxed set contains just the ruined terrain, the intact tiles were developed as part of the kickstarter but I didn't see them so far
  • As said before the boxed game contains 4 bags of terrain, 2 (same content) have the walls, 1 has the accessories and 1 small bag contains the connector.
  • Once I finished gluying everything I still had lots of connectors left over.
  • The terrain can be assembled without using the glue but just using the connectors, It will be difficult to dissassemble the tiles since the connetors will most likely break when disassembling the terrain. 
  • If you missed the kickstarter The Mars Attacks! game can be purchased either from Mantic or by a number of oline retailers like Wayland Games.

This what you can assemble using the two bags of walls (note that the fence is actually from the accessories bag), as you can see there are no intact walls (just two are almost intact) and no floors.
The content of the accessories bag (minus the fence displayed in previous picture)
All the terrain in the boxed set layed out on the gaming mat

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