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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mars Attacks! unboxing

On Saturday I received the first part of the Mars Attacks! kickstarter shipment, there will be a second shipment with some extras in a couple of weeks and a third shipment later.

  • The miniatures are casted in a material similar to the one used for Loka, maybe something a little better since there is some extra details. Martians have a separate clear helmet.
  • They are quite clean, but some of the details are bent (nothing that cannot be fixed by hot water
  • The game board is very similar to the one used in Deadzone (same size, same material), I received 3 extra different game boards (as part of the kicksarter) and their color is a little bit different from the one in the boxed game
  • The terrain is split in different bags, I guess they are saving space not having sprues
  • The box is quite small, about the size of the one for dreadball

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