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Friday, May 17, 2013

sci-fi buildings for Deadzone in MDF

I've been thinking a lot about using laser printing on MDF recently, I have lots of designs oiginally planned for the 3D printing but I have never been able to realize them because the production cost will be insane.
With laser printing on some cheap material (like MDF) I could make a more cost-effective product but of course the level of details needs to be scaled down and I will be able to put the details just on one side of each face.

I've always wanted to make an urban game board and now Deadzone is giving me a great excuse to take back from the closet some old designs, the following pictures are some previews on what I'm working on, the goals are:

- make them compatible with Deadzone (so every building is a multiple of 3")
- give them a visual style compatible with Deadzone terrain (it looks awesome!), it woul be cool to mix my stuff with official deadzone terrain
- make everything very cost effective, I want huge builings so each floor shouldn't cost more than 10 Euro
- make everything modular, I want to be able to configure the buildings as I like in a different way for each game. No fixed design but lots of alternatives

- each floor shold be big enough to look realistic and could be used with an array of different game systems (like infinity or warmachine for example)

these are a couple of rendering of my project, I just sent the designs to a third party laser cutting company and I'm waiting for the prototype.

p.s. the green thing you see below is a 30 mm tall cylinder used as reference for a 28mm miniature


Anonymous said...

If you are not going to make a business with these buildings, I hope you will post the final laser cutting files, I would love to have a set or two.

Iron Saint said...

Thanks, actually I'm thinking about some alternatives in order to produce them on my own (maybe a kickstarter later this year), what I will most likely do is put the design on ponoko.com (and other websites) so that people can order my stuff and have a look at them in real life.
I also plan to post some videos as soon as the first prototypes will come in

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