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Thursday, May 13, 2010

convert the Thunderwolf Riders

Space Wolves' Thunderwolf Riders are pretty awesome the only problem is that no miniature is available. If you want to convert your mini this is what i found so far:

mrs-velard's thunderwolf
: a friend of mine found it on ebay, it's a decent model but I think it looks a bit silly and doesn't look like the thunderwolves on the codex

Max Mini's Giant wolf: it comes with a removable back, it even has some different heads

Tharn wolf riders
: designed for the game Hordes they are a little bit too small for a space marine and again they don't look like the thunderwolves on the codex

Micro Art Studio has a couple of really nice wolf models that you can either use as Fenrisian wolves or as Thunderwolf rider

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