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Saturday, January 2, 2010

behold the dungeon! (WIP)

As I said in a previous post I really want to build a cool dungeon (and I already tried a couple of times... ), I just spent last 3 days designing and building what could be the basic element of it. I gave myself a couple of restrictions:
  1. there should be enough space for dynamic models, of course really huge miniatures like dragons still doesn't fit in my dungeon... that would be really too difficult to build
  2. there should be visible squares on the floor, I want to use my dungeon as playground for both boardgames like Mage Knight Dunegon and fantasy wargames like Mordheim
  3. the dungeon should be modular, I want to make different rooms and arrange them as I wish (part of the fun is building the dungeon!) and I also want to be able to expand the dungeon
  4. you should be able to combine the tiles as you wish without considering given sequences of tiles (i.e. the external wall of one tile can become the internal wall for another one)
I used as reference the guidelines that Bruce wrote down here, since I'm using his molds I wanted to use some of the ideas he had. For now I'm I'm building the following element:
  • base tile 3 x 5 squares
  • long wall
  • short wall
  • corner
  • fillers
  • door arc (lots of boardgames uses some kind of doors!)
the main idea is to use the filler in order to fill the gaps between walls, since I want to follow my rule #1 there will be spaces between walls every time you put two tiles together These are some pics of what I did so far, they are the master models ready to be used in the mold making process. (I put some miniatures in the pictures so you can understand better the scale):

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