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Monday, September 5, 2016

The return of the space corridor [part 1]

Many years ago I did a first prototype of the 3D space corridor (the original goal was to do some sort of Space Hulk in 3D) the plan was to have a "master" 3D print done by one of those online printing services and then use to to cast a bunch of copies.

The casting was kinda messy and the quality of the copies was not up to my standards, so I ended up leaving the project on the side.... until now!

You can see below some tiles based on the original files plus a couple of tweaks (I added some slots for the magnets), this time I'm going to 3D print everything on my own which is way simpler.

Each "building block" is based on a 5x5 cm square, I'm considering scaling them to fit a 3 inc cube in order to use them for Deadzone, I'd like also to make some alternative versions with some exposed pipes and/or other machinery bits...

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