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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dungeon Saga: The Warlord Of Galahir (pics!)

I just received my Dungeon Saga Kickstarter stuff from Mantic Games and I thought It might be useful to post some pictures of the miniatures!

The minis below are the ones in the The Warlord Of Galahir expansion, each expansion comes with:

  • A Questbook with additional scenarios and rules
  • Some cardboard tiles and tokens
  • An Overlord panel which is basically a summary of the minion's stats
  • A deck of cards
  • The hero sheets with the stats of the heroes, there are 2 new heroes sheets in each expansion plus an alternative version of two of the ones in the base game (with a different name).
  • Some 3D forniture in plastic
  • A bunch of miniatures
As a note this might not be he final product you will find in the stores, this is what has been send to the backers of the kickstarter.

I think that the quality of the minis is very good compared with other Mantic products, the plastic seems to be like the one used for Mars Attacks and everything is pre assembled. 
Pretty much everything comes with a 25mm base, you might want to replace some of them with a 20mm base if you want to use the same minis in Kings of War...

All the green miniatures are the minions (i.e. the baddies in the dungeon) in my box I found 2 packs with one of each green miniature shown below:

Troll (my favourite!) this is the only one on a 50mm base

Goblin Warrior (spear)

Goblin Warrior (sword)

Goblin spitter (bow)

Orc Morax

Orc Greatax

Orc Archer


Orcling Swarm 

Thrundak Skullsplitter (aka the boss)

Kapoka, Gladewalker Druid (one of the new heroes)

Hrrath, Salamander Fighter (the other new hero)

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