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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares!

Great news from Warlord Games: They are finally going to release a final version of Beyond the Gates of Antares, the hard-sci fi tabletop wargame designed by Rick Priestley based on the bolt action rule mechanics.

If you remember the project started in 2013 via kickstarter but was cancelled before its end, after that Warlord games took over making some metal miniatures (available on their web store). 

Now after a couple of years they are finally going to release a boxed set and a final version of the rules, from the first rumours it would seem that they are going to make also some plastic miniatures, this is the first image of one of the sprue:

For more info you can check this gallery from salute 2015 (it shows some unreleased models for GoA) and subscribe to the GoA official mailing list here.

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