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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mars Attacks! Vehicles: the Giant Robot

Third vehicle available in Mars Attacks!: behold the Giant Robot!
  • Like the flying saucer it seems more like a toy than a wargame model, some pieces have been already glued together in the factory and there are some mould lines quite visible.
  • The design is quite original and embraces perfectly the Mars Attacks! retro/vintage theme.
  • I personally hope that future Mantic's models for Warpath will look more like the Truck than The robot or the saucer, I can already think that some people might be upset by the quality of the model.
  • I don't think that there are many ways of assembling the model, the legs are quite static and there isn't much you can do with the rest of the body.

The main body with some sort of reactor/backpack.
The legs, there is a peg at the bottom that will help to glue them on the base.
Two set of arms and two upper arms, If you want to swap arms it's probably better to glue just the upper part to the body and leave the lower arms unglued...
The transparent hull, two pilots and the shrinked marines! I guess they are used to track the effect of the shrinking ray.

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