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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mantic's Elves Bolt Thrower conversion

I had some Bolt Throwers left from last Mantic's crazy bag and I wanted to change them a little bit in order to give them an aggressive look... they will be deployed in my dark elves army after all!
You will need

This is the final result
And these are the converted bolt thrower and the original one (if you are not familiar with mantic range)

How to build it:

1) you need to cut this piece of the bolt thrower along the red lines. Note that when you will glue it later it will be rotated horizontally and glued on the yellow area (see the picture)
2) drill two parallel holes in the piece shown. Each hole should be wide enough for a lance to fit it
3) cut the two sided blades from the sprue and remove a piece of the blade as shown by the red line
4) glue the 4 blades on the piece you cut in step 1. glue the piece you cut in step 1 on the yellow area show in step 1. This should be the final result!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mh. thanks for sharing that. this looks pretty good, darker and is easy to obtain. nice!

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