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Monday, September 26, 2011

converting Ogres

One of the great thing about the new Ogre Kingdoms models is that you can mix the equipement of the various kits to make some great miniatures, the following pictures shows some example of what you can achieve.

After you build the mournfang cavalry you will have some pieces left, I used them to build this champion/hero. The main body comes from a Ogre infantry sprue

Usually I add to my armies a cool command group that I use for the main unit (usually where my general is attached), this musician has been built using some leftovers from the mournfang cavalry

I wanted to add a different standard bearer so I built this one. The head comes from the Ironguts sprue

After I assembled the Thundertusk there were a lot of pieces left, I used the head, the arm with the volture and some accessories to make this character

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