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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mantic is doing a Sci-Fi game: Warpath

If you didn't watch Beast of War feature about Mantic check this out:

- Besides king's hold 2 there will be another expansion with heroes, experience etc...
- There will be a new version of Kings Of War rules this summer with some minor changes
- There will be 8 army lists available (existing ones + 3 brand new) esisting armies will have new units, background info and more
- 3 new army list announced: goblin, twilight kin (dark elves) and humans
- Dark elves will be released as a upgrade kit for elves (similar to abyssal dwarves)
- Next year it will come out a proper rulebook
- Mantic is working on giving official support to tournements
- by the end of the summer their sci-fi game will come out, the name is Warpath
- there is gonna be a Warpath beta in the summer
- Warpath will have 8 races, for the moment the only confirmed one is the space dwarfs

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