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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

space corridor prototype room is ready

Last weekend I had some free time so I had the chance to put together a prototype room for my space corridor terrain system (along with the fantasy counterpart I'm working on).
Each piece is made from the
original design I had 3D printed, the room below would work for space hulk, Incursion or any other game played within some sort of tiles. I still have to figure out how many details I want to put I the room, I'll probably add some pipes using this mold from Hirst Arts but I don't want to put many things in each room otherwise I won't be able to fit some large models in the rooms.

The plan is to keep adding rooms until I have enough of them to play the first scenario of space hulk, then do some playtest, add some details and paint everything... sounds like a lot of work!

1 comment:

Allan and Carmen said...

Fantastic work on the designs!

Thanks for taking the time to share your work :)

Happy Gaming,


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