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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3D printing of Dust Tactics terrain

In last week I received lots od quotation about having the 3D dust tactics terrain tiles printed, In order to make the printing process a little bit cheaper I had to scale down by half each tile. In this way I'll have to use 4 tiles for each terrain element on the Dust Tactics board but I will be able to use them on smaller scale games like space hulk for example.

This is an example of each tile, they are about 5cm x 5 cm wide and 6 cm tall (the walls):

and these are examples of some space hulk 3d rooms created with above tiles


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is amazing? May I ask where you got this done? I am a 3d Modeller and I am looking to do sillier stuff for my games of Dust and other miniature games.
How much does it cost? marc_buckingham@me.com

Talismancer said...

Release the stl's...they want to be free!

Iron Saint said...

no they don't!

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