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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

terrain elements for Dust Tactics

If you are familiar with the game Dust Tactics you will know that the box doesn't contain any terrain piece, there is just a couple of ammo crates and tank traps (or robot traps?) but there isn't any proper terrain piece. The major terrain elements provided are in fact some cardboard sqares that you put on the game board to show where tiles are occupied (hence units doesn't have line of sight trough them). Wouldn't be better to have some proper walls right? Starting from the elemens shown on the rulebook's pictures I designed the following pieces:

This time instead of using pen and paper I went on a more professional way usign google sketchup, each tile has been designed to be about 10 x 10 cm (so that can fit the Dust tactics board) but with a little scaling It can be used to build a Space hulk 3d gameboard

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