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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mystery product from Mantic

Some information about an upcoming board game from Matic leaked in last Wayland games mailing list:

Dungeon Crawlers Assemble!
Honestly, who doesn't love dungeon crawl games?

Coming to a dank, slimy dungeon near you...
"Dwarf King’s Hold: Undead Rising" will see greedy Dwarf adventurers brave the depths filled with rotting undead monsters in a brand new dungeon quest board game; complete with tiles, plastic figures and several scenarios to test your mettle. From what we've heard, this is going to be awesome!

Start sharpening your best Dwarven battle axe in anticipation for March."

At the moment the Matic website doesn't show any detail about the upcoming release, will the new game share some mechanics with Kings of war? We'll know when Dwarf Kings Hold will come out in March.

edit: more info on BoW, it seems that Alessio Cavatore won't be involved in this project.

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