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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cheap magnetic movement trays

If you play warhammer nothing is better than a magnetic movement tray: the miniatures won't fall off from the tray when you move them on the battlefield and you can even transport them already placed in formtion on the top of the tray (this will save you a lot of time when deploying!)

this is what you need:
  • standard movement tray (like the ones from GW)
  • a cheap dry erease board
  • usual tools like glue, scissors etc
how to build the tray:
  • disassemble the dry erease board, take the metal sheet (usually it's very thin) and trow away everything else. Be careful since the edges of the metal sheet might be sharp!
  • using some scissors (I used some kitched scissors like the ones used to cut the chichen's bone) trim the metal sheet so it can fit the tray
  • glue the trimmed metal sheet on the tray
  • done!

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