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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new year's resolutions

2009 it's coming to its end and it's time for new year's resolutions:
  • build a dungeon, I've spent the Christmas day playing with mage knight dungeons and everyone that was playing with me agreed that: the game is super fun, the miniatures are super ugly and we need to build a modular dungeon
  • build a fantasy village, it's probably 15 years now I'm trying to build a fantasy village for wargames and I feel like this is the right time. (I also found this)
  • build the arena, I was wondering amount how to put together a cool arena for the Arena Deathmatch game and now I might just have a good idea
  • paint my warhammer empire army, the miniatures are sitting on my library for about 5 years now, recently I found a nice color scheme...
  • play more warhammer fantasy, in 2009 I spend lots of time playing the 40K, now it's time to give more time to his fantasy brother (even because the new rules are coming

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