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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the wolves goes to battle for the first time...

Today there will be my first game with the brand new space wolves, these are the HQ choice:

Wolf Lord: terminator armor, storm bolter, wolf claw, melta bomb, Saga of the Warrior Born
I hope that I 5 will allow my to strike first pretty much every time, plus AC 6 and the wolf claw will hopefully give a chance to place at least a couple of wounds every turn. Combined with the saga of the warrior born will probably make the wolf lord a mean troop killer. The wolf lord will join 4 terminator buddies in a drop pod and will bring havoc to the enemy.
note: The other option would be: drop the terminator armor and give him a runic armor and a plasma pistol (so he will have +1 attack and +1 S), another thing I'm wondering about is give him a thunderwolf ride (that will be very nasty!) but I'm waiting to see if GW or Forgeworld release a plastic model

Rune priest
: plasma pistol, jaws of the world wolf and Living Lightning or Fury of the Wold Spirits
His main objective will be cast jaws on low initiative troop or slow down enemies using Fury of the Wold Spirits, he will ride a drop pod with 9 gray hunters so their firepower should be enough to cripple a dangerous enemy unit before the rest of the army land.

That's all for HQ, let's see if they works!

edit: It turned out that the wolf lord and his terminator bodyguard were the men of the game, they get rid of 5 chaos terminator and 1 squad of plague marines while the Rune priest got killed in second turn after he shocked a predator.

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