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Friday, August 14, 2009

Light assault!

Recently I'm having problems with the speed of my army, usually I win because of the Vendettas rather then the 2 leman russ so I'm wondering if would be a good idea to keep just one Russ and add some light tanks. Thanks to the Emperor the new codex has some great option, this is the change I'm thinking about:

  • leman russ (standard)
  • keep the second leman russ demolisher but get rid of the plasma sponsors
  • 6 Kaserkins
  • adjust some weapons around
  • 10 veterans with an awesome lascannon (lascannon with BS4 is always welcome)
  • a chimera for one troop squad (so the can run to an objective)
  • 3rd vendetta/devil dog
in this way I'll have more mobility moving the chimera loaded with troops in order to give support to the devil dog

I'm also doing some minor conversion, this is the chimera with a turrent mounted flamethrower

I wanted to have some swappable weapons on the Devil Dog (I'm worried that the multimelta won't be that useful...) so i placed some magnets on both the weapon and the support (the black plastic has been cut from a standard GW base)

and then i glued the support on the Devil Dog's hull

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