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Saturday, June 13, 2009

some details about Planestrike!

I've been able to take a look at Planestrike the upcoming release for Warhammer 40K. BoLS already give out some details so you might want to take a look at their post too.

About rules:
  • pretty much every attacking unit can now deepstrike, and pretty much every unit can hold an objective (not just troops). If both player who attack and defender has the same objective the objective goes to the player who attack
  • Aegis defence line gives a 4+ cover and unit that goes to the ground behind them have a +2 cover save instead of +1
  • the stronghold has some automated weapon systems that shoot with BS 2 (they doesn't cost any point, they aren't considered as defender's unit)
  • the landing platform gives a 4+ cover save when the shields are raised, when they aren't raised a vehicle that lands on it can disembark always the troops no matter of its speed
  • there are also rules about new weapons platforms for defenders
nobody really knows if the dark angels fortress will be released, the pictures on the books shows something that looks like a production model and not just something built from scratch and there are aloso lots of rules about it... we better keep our fingers crossed

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