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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting ready for the new Imperial Guard codex

I've always been fascinated by the Imperial guard, I like the idea of simple men fighting against huge aliens, demons and genetically engineered super humans using just their lasguns (and some super heavy tanks sometimes) But I never been able to easily win a warhammer 40K using the IG, if I'm lucky I usually end the game with a minor loss : (
So I'm really looking forward for the new codex!

In the next month I'm planning to complete some unit in order to be ready when the codex will come out, here are few examples of what I'm working on

The guy on the left will be part of an heavy weapon squad, the head come from
Pig Iron productions

He will be a junior officer, I wanted to make him look like Hellboy so i gave him a huge power fist from the an old space marines sprue. The pointing hand will be probably cut since I'm planning to give him a plasma pistol from the new command sprue.

Next there is a minor conversion to a chimera, I never liked the standard turret (doesn't make sense for an APC to have a turret) so I added to the autocannon a shield and some sandbags taken from the heavy weapons sprue.

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