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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dark elves pictures

here are some examples of the minis I've converted for my dark elves army

I'm planning to have 2 units with crossbows, this is the champion of the first unit

the head and the right arm came from the corsair sprue, the chest from the cold one riders

the only problem here is that the two hands are different, the right one has a glove... I don't really mind since this unit with have shields and the left hand will be most likely hidden by the shield

same unit, this guy is a standard warrior, like the champion the right hand and the head come from the corsair sprue while the rest of a body is a regular dark elf warrior

since this unit will have the shields (I like the shield/crossbow combo) I glued his crossbow on his back

I'll also have two units of corsairs, one with two weapons and another with crossbow pistol

this is the back of the corsair musician, I'm using a cold tone for the sea dragon hide, this is done mixing codex gray and catachan green, the rest of the mini is painted like the standard troops

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Got any more pictures?
I'm thinking of doing a similar theme and would love to see them.

- Paulo

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